Picture of Dr Jagdish Chandra
Dr Jagdish Chandra

Advances in scientific knowledge have provided the foundation for improvements in public health and have led to enhanced health and quality of life for all Indians . Many of these advances can be traced to the basic foundation of medical education & research imparted through human dissections.

The Department of Anatomy has contributed to the mission to improve the quality by providing basic education a class apart. In the process Organ and Body Donation Awareness program 2016-2017 run by the department has been very successful.

During the campaign, young professionals have also worked on a unique concept of ‘Tribute to a Silent teacher - The Human body’- a magazine based on the life of whole body donors.

This publication is an excellent compilation and a great dedication to Next of kin of Whole Body Donors who have helped in showcasing the lives of their loved ones. I congratulate the Department for the commendable work done in bringing out this valuable publication.

Dr. Jagdish Chandra
Director, LHMC