Picture of Dr Jagdish Prasad
Dr Jagdish Prasad

It is a matter of great honour to pen down the message for the magazine ‘Tribute to a Silent Teacher - The Human body’. My heart fills with gratitude towards families who have shared the stories of their loved ones who had the immense strength for a noble cause like Body Donation.

The magazine is a platform for the students to express their empathy and respect towards such generous donors and their families. Contents of the magazine reflect the thoughts and dedications by under graduate medical students in form of poems and essays which is also an innovative way to develop compassion in young doctors.

I extend my warm wishes to the Director, Department of Anatomy and Students of LHMC to continue this journey of service to humanity.

May the Initiative grow into a sturdy movement of awareness of Organ and Body Donation.


Dr Jagdish Prasad
Director General of Health Sciences
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare