Picture of Dr Rajiv Garg
Dr Rajiv Garg

Corneal blindness in India is so significant that if has been called a silent epidemic mainly due to corneal ulceration. There is a huge demand of corneal tissue for treating these corneal blind people. A simple removal from the eyes after death goes a long way for helping the cause.

This institution has collaborated with National eye bank at AIIMS, New Delhi for the “Hospital Corneal Retieval Programme”. A round the clock public response system is in place to counsel and motivate and procure the tissue from willing families of those who have died in the hospital/mortuary calls. A MOU has been signed between LHMC and the RP Centre, AIIMS and there is a eye donation counselor posted for this institution and a dedicated team is available for collecting the tissue and safely transporting it the National Eye Bank, after completing the legal formalities. Many “Awareness Programmes” were also organized is the institution to spread this message.

Dr. Rajiv Garg
Director Professor & Head
Department Of Ophthalmology