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Dr Sheetal Joshi

At the beset I would like to thank each and everyone who have contributed and been associated with the Organ & body donation awareness campaign 2016-2017 at Lady Hardinge Medical College. This year has been very significant for the department of Anatomy as were very fortunate to receive 6 voluntary body donations. These bequests have instilled a greater social responsibility on the department. The campaign is just been in its second successful consecutive year but the impact has been very valuable. We are privileged to have such a wonderful association with our donors & their next of kin and we salute their spirit of generosity. A key role is also been contributed by our undergraduate student volunteers, faculty and NGOs like Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti and ORGAN India who helped us to reach the masses.

This year we conceptualized and designed a Magazine ‘Tribute To A Silent Teacher – The Human Body’ as a dedication to our whole body donors. The magazine has articles written by undergraduate medical student based on their interactions with the family members of these donors. We are indeed very grateful to our student interviewers and appreciate their effort and devotion towards the concept. This interaction has undoubtedly created empathy value in our young professionals. We also thank the families for their kind co operation.

The magazine narrates six stories which are unique in strength and character and also reflect the life of our Whole body donors through the eyes of their near and dear ones.

The department also conducted creative writing & poster competitions on the theme of ‘Tribute to a Silent Teacher – The Human Body’ during the campaign for undergraduate medical students to inspire ethical principles.

I take the opportunity to thank our Director for his guidance & support. I am Grateful to the Head of Department for her endearing involvement & encouragement. Senior faculty members and colleagues for their co operation. Seniors editors associated with this publication for their precious inputs. We are highly obliged with the timely help provided by the stores & various administrative offices at LHMC.


Dr. Sheetal Joshi
Organising Secretary-Organ and Body Donation 
Associate Professor
Dept  of Anatomy., LHMC