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Picture of Late Ditta Ram Sapra
     Late Guru Ditta Ram Sapra

Guru Ditta Ram Sapra, a resident of Central Delhi, was born a century ago in the year 1916, the year in which Lady Hardinge Medical College was also established. Who knew then that this man would not only leave an everlasting impact on the lives of others during his journey of life, but also would be the learning resource for the students of this college today. A legacy is etched into the hearts and (more…)

Late Guru Ditta Ram Sapra
Picture of Late Dr Niranjan Mitra
         Late Dr Niranjan Mitra

Every year several young ambitious students embark on the world of medicine and join medical school to fulfill their dream of service to the society and to satisfy their curious scientific minds. This journey requires one to fully acquaint themselves with the human body and its functions. The process to achieve that begins in an Anatomy dissection hall where students dissect a real human body to understand (more…)

Late Dr Niranjan Mitra
Picture of Late Chuniya Devi
            Late Chuniya Devi

1st october, 2016. …
It seemed like a perfect morning as the rays of sunshine lit up the wrinkled face of his aged mother, who had recently been discharged from the hospital. It was the first day of Navratri and late Mrs. Chunia Devi being a spiritual woman  decided to take a bath and perform her prayer rituals. He was relieved to see his mother getting back to her daily routine. It gave him hope, something (more…)

Late Chuniya Devi
Picture of Sheela Rani Shukla
        Late Sheela Rani Shukla – Defines courage

Not the beauty of skin
But the beauty of soul
Of some breed unseen
An immaculate woman as a whole
To help and guide
The one who was ever ready SHEELA RANI SHUKLA
A true iron lady she was

Late Sheela Rani Shukla
Picture of Late Shri Raj Khurana
     Late Shri Raj Khurana

A happy to go lucky man, cheerful, lively and jolly (as his wife would describe him), Mr. Raj Khurana was a man with bold yet humble personality. He did the strenuous course of radiographer from Maulana Azad Medical College and served as a radiographer in Irwin hospital. With his hard work & dedication, he got this amazing opportunity to (more…)

Late Raj Khurana
Picture of Late Kamla Devi
                Late Kamla Devi

The one who feared neither death or defeat
The one who was always ready on her feet
The one who fought for what she thought was wrong
The one who inspired many souls all along
The one who did justice to all the roles she played
The one who was everybody’s (more…)

Late Kamla Devi

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