Meetu Singh

This was my first experience as an interviewer. I am glad and thankful to Dr. Sheetal Joshi ma’am who gave me this opportunity to part of it.

Body donation or organisation donation is something which people of our country should be more aware for the obvious need in medical sciences. Interviewing family was a wonderful experience, we happen to get to know many aspects related to body donation. Meeting the son of donor and listening to his point of view from being emotional to being proud of his mother, we saw it all. the ideology of the donor behind decision of body donation was exceptionally inspiring. Moreover what I observed certain aspects of Eastern philosophies about after death and cremation. I realised the main tussle which people face before they opt to donate body. It was amazing and once in life time experience for we were not only there with skeptical brains but we had a sentimental heart too. This interview gave me the chance to communicate with people and understand that it’s emotions which make us human.