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In December 2012, Mrs. Kirti Parashar, a resident of Delhi and Chief Trustee of an NGO the Parashar Foundation’s wife, was told that she needed a heart transplant. Unfortunately, there was no agency to advise her on how to get through the whole process and very little awareness on organ donation in India. Eventually Mrs. Parashar moved to Chennai, to wait for a new heart, which she got on December 13th, 2013 after a six month wait.

Experiencing first-hand the need for an organization to help patients and to spread awareness, the Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India was created as an initiative of the Parashar Foundation in March 2013. All initiatives that have been undertaken to raise awareness on organ donation have been done so after it was evident that there was a need for them across the country.

Transplant Guide & Helplines To Help Those Facing Organ Failure

Picture of Transplant GuideOne of our biggest and most important initiatives is the Transplant Guide. Most people have nowhere to turn to for help when they find out they need an organ. With the launch of the Transplant Guide, ORGAN India is now the first place for people facing organ failure to at the very least get the
basic information that they need. Link: The Transplant Guide is a nationwide directory of hospitals carrying out organ transplants along with all the required information that a transplant recipient would need. It also provides details of accommodation near the hospital, taxi hiring services nearby, chemists, labs, ambulances services and other facilities all near each hospital from across the country.

Body Donation Guide
We discovered that information on where a person anywhere in the country can donate or pledge their body was not available in one place. Therefore we decided that we like the Transplant Guide, we will create A Guide to Body Donation in India. The idea is to make it easy for anyone from any State of India to look at their State and City and know which Medical Hospital or NGO to contact if they want to pledge or donate a body. We have called all these institutions and have narrowed down exactly whom to call – the name, number, address and whenever possible, the email id, so that it becomes extremely simple process for any Indian. It has taken us many months to compile this Guide and we are launching in now in March. The Guide can be viewed at under the heading of Body Donation. Tribute to a Silent Teacher - The Human Body 24 Other significant initiatives by Organ India

• Awareness Talks & Sessions & Connecting People From Across India
Through our helplines and online media we ensure that either us or one of our associates in those cities takes the awareness session.

• Organ India’s “Let’s Get Organised” Campaign In Schools
Picture of SchoolCampaignWe believe that the best way engage with society is through children, and we have launched a special campaign to spread awareness on organ donation in schools.

• Collecting Pledges & Disseminating Information through our Website and Helplines Our website is the hub of all our activity. We have a robust Pan-India presence and online pledging facility.
• Testimonial & Awareness Films By ORGAN India
We have produced short testimonial films of donors and recipients, a film on Brain Death and a movie on a live heart transplant to create awareness


• Social Media Campaigns, Films, Celebrities & Blog
Picture of Social Media CampaignYou can find us on Facebook at ORGAN INDIA and on twitter at @organindia1. We also feel that Engagement With Opinion Leaders is vitally important for spreading the cause and we have been engaging celebrities to spread the message to all sections of the population.
We have introduced a Blog on organ donation and transplantation - It’s a platform for all concerned stakeholders to express their opinions, concerns and future strategies on the organ donation and transplantation environment across India.

Collaborative Conclave For Organ Donation
In December 2016, ORGAN India held a Collaborative Conclave for Organ Donation New Delhi with all the NGO’s in the field of organ donation. Dr. Padma Shri Dr. (Prof.) Jagdish Prasad, Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, inaugurated the Conclave hosted by ORGAN India in association with NOTTO.

Picture of Organ India Conclave
We hope through our new guide to Body Donation and all of our initiatives we can reach out and help people understand more about organ and body donation. We can be contacted at or at 01141838382 & 9650952810. Our website is


Author : Sunayana Singh, CEO, ORGAN India