Our Volunteers

Picture of Swaathi Venkatesan
Swaathi Venkatesan

Four years ago I first entered the Anatomy Dissection Hall where I was to dissect human bodies to understand its working. As I stood there I realized the weight of the sacrifice people had made  (more...)

Picture of Aishwarya Ghosh
Aishwarya Ghosh

I clearly remember the day when Dr Sheetal Joshi, our mentor introduced the whole idea of felicitating the donors and their families. The idea had instantly connected, usually we always (more...)

Picture of Khushboo Saha
Khushboo Saha

I have been very lucky to be part of the Silent teacher , an initiative to be a part of the lives of the family of the donor who donated their body . It has been a wonderful experience to get in (more...)

Picture of Meetu Singh
Meetu Singh

This was my first experience as an interviewer. I am glad that I got opportunity to be part of it. Body donation or Organ donation is something which people of our country should be more (more...)

Picture of Megha Kumari
Megha Ranjan

It was an amazing experience to interview the family whose beloved one donated their body for the purpose of educating the young and innovative medical minds so that they can serve the (more...)

Picture of Meghna Sethi
Meghna Sethi

Through the interview of the family of our kind donor, I learnt not only what  motivated the donor to donate his body despite of all the challenges and pressure from the society but also had an insight (more...)

picture of Neha Bharti
Neha Bharti

Body donation is a sensitive issue.  And this was my first ever experience of interacting with people on this issue. There were a lot of apprehensions right from the first message till the day on (more...)

Picture of Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh

The silent teacher - an initiative by Dr sheetal gave us the opportunity to meet the amazing Mitra family.  When we first got to know that we will actually have to go and interview families at their (more...)

Picture of Tavneet Kaur
Tavneet Kaur

Learning is based on experience and I would like to share mine on a recent interview i took of a family who had performed body donation.This act is one which serves humanity a rare thing to (more...)

Picture of Shrishty Singla
Shrishty Singla

From the childhood we are told that our soul is immortal and the body is mortal, that body is only a way to communicate with the world, the soul takes up a new body every time to circle (more...)

Picture of Diksha Yadav
Diksha Yadav

It was a great holistic day of my life when I met with such a noble humble philanthropic personality. This meeting changed my views about this world. It was a wonderful experience for (more...)

Picture of Mahak Goel
Mahak Goel

Asking about a person who is no more is always a sensitive subject and the family I and Aishwarya interviewed was totally co-operative. They were proud of what their mother (more...)

Picture of Chhavi Sharma
Chhavi Sharma

When I was assigned to interview Late Mrs. Sheela Rani Shukla's family, I was very excited and moreover, curious to know about the feelings and mindset of the family members. So many (more...)