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Chhavi Sharma

When I was assigned to interview Late Mrs. Sheela Rani Shukla's family, I was very excited and moreover, curious to know about the feelings and mindset of the family members. So many questions filled my head such as :
How they came up to such a decision? How does it feel after making such a great contribution for humanity? Were they scared  initially??
And on 29 Jan 2017, we (Khushboo and I) visited them and felt like we are at home. All of them (Late Mrs.Shukla’s daughters, their husband and children) were so happy to see us. I almost cried when they said it feels like someone from mom's place had come to visit us. And as time passed, we got to know about the life of Late Mrs.Sheela Rani Shukla. She was  multi-talented,  keen observer and thoughtful lady and a pillar of strength for her loved ones. As per her daughters, There was nothing that their mother couldn’t do and it was her wish to donate her body. She played every role of a women's life with full dedication. Tears dripped down from my eyes, when the little angel recited the letter she wrote for her grandma. She was a teacher all her life and left a strong message for society even after  death. Her life inspired me how to become extraordinary and being down to earth at the same time.

This experience somehow changed me from inside. It gives me a whole new perspective about life and family. I started respecting everyone more. For me, it wasn’t just an interview but an experience I would cherish all my life.