Picture of Mahak Goel
Mahak Goel

Asking about a person who is no more is always a sensitive subject and the family I and Aishwarya interviewed was totally co-operative. They were proud of what their mother did and handled the questions of their relatives at the time of death regarding myths associated with body Donation very well.

They exhibited high spirits and were determined to spread awareness about body Donation among their relatives as well.

Mrs. Kamla Devi Johar’s son is an Anaesthesiologist and she knew that her own son was able to study anatomy only because somebody else donated his/her body and so she was keen to donate her body too so that other budding doctors could study dissection.

The family shared a good bond and understanding which could be seen very well. The World can be a better place if people start to think like our charismatic donor, Mrs.Kamla Devi Johar