Picture of Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh

The silent teacher – an initiative by Dr sheetal gave us the opportunity to meet the amazing Mitra family.  When we first got to know that we will actually have to go and interview families at their place we were excited but at the same time hundreds of thoughts were running in our mind about how will we initiate the conversation?  Will they be willing to talk to us?  What if we hurt their sentiments?  As we were going with a very sensitive issue , but the moment we entered the house and started conversing all our fears settled down as the family was more than happy to talk to us and share their views without any apprehension. Their views and their thoughts actually motivated me . Mr Mitra was humble and made us so comfortable that we didn’t feel we were interviewing then it was like a great Sunday afternoon conversation about life, Mrs Lily was very sweet and the kids were the most well behaved kids I came across , they were a clear reflection of the family values imbibed in them. We went there as interviewers and came out as a better human being. I genuinely feel that our society need more people like the Mitra family. Never in my life I have met someone with such a different perspective to life.  The family was full of positivity and life, just talking to them for 3 hrs motivated us to do our best and to do full justice to the story and I can’t thank Dr sheetal enough who gave us this opportunity and because of whom we got to know such wonderful people