Picture of Shrishty Singla
Shrishty Singla

From the childhood we are told that our soul is immortal and the body is mortal, that body is only a way to communicate with the world, the soul takes up a new body every time to circle in the process of continuity. I have always believed that every person living  is an asset in one way or the other. So why not be an asset even after death?. Body donation is the simplest answer to this. As one die his body serves no other purpose. Some people bury the body in the mother Earth and some burn the body in the lap of goddess fire and think it’s religious but I believe that the biggest religion is to help a needy. And thus I wanted to be the person who can encourage other people to donate their bodies.

Being a medical student, I know the importance of body donation  and I feel privileged that being a part of this,  I got the opportunity to work for a good cause.