Picture of Swaathi Venkatesan
Swaathi Venkatesan

Four years ago I first entered the Anatomy Dissection Hall where I was to dissect human bodies to understand its working. As I stood there I realized the weight of the sacrifice people had made to make sure those bodies were available for our learning without which no one would even begin the journey of becoming a doctor. An opportunity to interview the next of kin of one such donor presented itself to me in the beginning of 2017 and I grabbed it. It was a heartwarming experience. We lived through several chapters of the donor’s life as we interviewed them and it gave us an insight into what drove them to make the decision to give up their body for science. It was a story full of struggle, determination and wisdom and it gives me immense pleasure to be responsible for bringing their story to the masses. Joining this initiative is my way of thanking these brave individuals and to urge others to pledge and break the taboo around the idea of body donation