Release of Annual Magazine

Annual Magazine

The Department of Anatomy is in its second consecutive year of organising Body Donation Awareness Campaign 2016-2017. After the success of the first campaign, the department has carried forward its initiative exclusively in honor of Whole body donors and their families. This year the department has conceptualised and designed a magazine which has thought provoking and heart touching  interviews structured by undergraduate Medical  students based on their interactions with Next of Kin of Whole Body donors of the year 2016-2017.
In addition it has reflections penned down by students in the form of essays and poems / prayers dedicated to the ‘Silent Teacher the Whole body Donor’ in various categories of competitions held by the department in the year 2016-2017.

One thought on “Release of Annual Magazine

  1. This is a beautiful concept! It has been a pleasure to be associated with this magazine. Hope these inspiring stories reach out to several people and motivates them to join the cause.

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