Picture of Megha Ranjan
Megha Ranjan

It feels wonderful to be a part of initiative which works to spread the awareness among people about the need of Body Donation for the emerging doctors to make them understand the (more...)

Picture of Pragya Mehta
Pragya Mehta

I joined SLM -organ donation awareness not only because organ donation has been the need of the hour since long but also inspite of knowing this fact, for most people such a decision to (more...)

picture of Neha Bharti
Neha Bharti

Life is really important indeed and to get this privilege of saving one is a blessing in itself. As a medical professional, it becomes really important to know all ways of saving a life. (more...)

Picture of Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh

In my third year of medical college,  I started working on an eye donation awareness campaign which was initiated by my seniors,  although initially I joined the campaign because I had (more...)

Picture of Meghna Sethi
Meghna Sethi

Getting a second chance in life is a pure bliss. But many people across the world die due to a discrepancy between demand of organs and thier availability. So I joined this SLM group to (more...)

Picture of Swaathi Venkatesan
Swaathi Venkatesan

I joined this student leadership mission to grow as a leader and acquire the skill set necessary to accomplish things that can create a palpable change in the society we live in. I chose (more...)

Picture of Sapna Katyal
Sapna Katyal

What made me join SLM organ donation ?. I have a few lines to express it. Your ashes would still be equally pure , and god almighty will still welcome you with equal love because you (more...)