Picture of Swaathi Venkatesan
Swaathi Venkatesan

I joined this student leadership mission to grow as a leader and acquire the skill set necessary to accomplish things that can create a palpable change in the society we live in. I chose Organ Donation awareness as the specific area of focus because it is one of the least understood topics and one with a huge potential to save countless lives. At a time when the world appears to be grim I have seen with experience that a lot of people are willing to make huge sacrifices only if given a small ‘nudge’ in the right direction. The ‘nudge’ in this case is knowledge which is the biggest barrier to donation. As a medical student I believe it is not just in my capacity but also my responsibility to inspire and motivate people to come forward and pass light to a soul who sees no end to the dark tunnel they find themselves in and give them a new lease of life.