Late Kamla Devi

Picture of Late Kamla Devi
                Late Kamla Devi

The one who feared neither death or defeat
The one who was always ready on her feet
The one who fought for what she thought was wrong
The one who inspired many souls all along
The one who did justice to all the roles she played
The one who was everybody’s

beloved mate
The one who never settled for less
The one whos list of good deeds are endless
This one will always be in our heart
And we know she is always with us
And wont ever go apart.

Picture of Late Kamala Devi's Family
Late Kamla Devi’s family – her 3 sons, eldest brother, daughter-in-law, grandson, great grandson

It is thought that souls are too old to capture in poems, too deep to be understood, but they are too pure to be loved so very deeply by a chosen few.

We are hereby honoured to share the story of “THE ONE” , an institution in herself, a housewife with a generous nature, a true patriot Smt. Kamla Devi Johar.

On 16 July 1930 the universe saw the beginning of the struggle, devotion and hardwork of this noble soul. From experiencing the turbulent times of partition to the vagaries of dislocation of families she saw it all. A mother of 3 great sons, Mr. Sunil Johar, Mr Anil Johar, Mr Vimal Johar and wife of Shri  Inder Sain Johar, she always kept her family of everything. She devoted all her time to family and kids to ensure the upbringing of responsible citizens. She inspired generations by her acts which range from building a temple to donating her body to the world of science. Her pious soul left her abode on 18 January, 2017 leaving a bundle of inspiring stories and words of wisdom.


The journey began on 8 May 1947 when Smt. Kamla Devi Johar vowed to stay besides Sh. Inder Sain Johar till eternity.


With meagre resources of her husband as clerk in defence accounts department she managed the family well, with prestige.


She well understood the importance of education and hence ensured that her children grow up to be educated and not just literate.

Picture of Late Kamala Devi
Late Kamla Devi providing monetary help for building of a temple

Kamla Deviji was a religious lady and  believed that a person must have a correct combination of an educated mind and a spiritual soul.


A very important chapter in her life was when she helped in building a temple in Rohini, where she lived. The temple was named Dwarkadheesh temple after which the residential complex where she lived was renamed Dwarkadheesh apartments. Along with this she donated for temples in Chitrakoot and Shalimar Bagh.


She well understood that religion also prophesied that our mind and soul should be donated for the wellbeing of humanity. This resulted in her determination to donate her body. Her loved ones respected her decision and helped her achieve it. Along with the support of her loved ones she signed the “will” for body donation about 10 years ago, when her husband died on 13 July 2007. She also donated her eyes to LADY HARDINGE MEDICAL COLLEGE.


She left her abode on earth to begin a new journey in heaven on 18 january 2017 at her residence in Dwarkadheesh Apartments.


Her family and the world of medicine will always remain indebted for doing such great deeds.

 Message from the family

Although it was initiative of our dear mother to sign her will to donate her body for the benefit of Medical fraternity, but in the process of fulfilling her wish we have been receiving appreciations for her gesture. We are moved by the messages from all relatives and the friends whosoever is connected to us.

We are indeed thankful to Head of Department of Anatomy and the staff for guiding us and taking over the Body without any difficulties whatsoever.

Interviewers Miss Aishwarya Ghosh & Miss Mahak Goel with the Late Kamala Devi’s family

It was a learning for the Rohini MCD office to deal for the first time with such an application of death certificate for body donation case . The Registrar of Birth & Death was prompt with helping us in issuing  the certificate.  There also our mother’s gesture of body donation was well received and appreciated.

The Staff and the students of Lady Hardinge Medical College are also working for the cause by developing awareness about the concept. They are working to popularise the Organ Donation and Body Donations. It is appreciated that they plan to include the articles on the persons who donated the body by taking inputs from their near relatives.

The concept of interviewing the family by the students of LHMC although gave us nostalgic moments but it made us to happily remember and recall our days with our mother and feel gratitude to her for her contributions and sacrifices for our family. 

We are motivated to promote the noble  initiative taken by our mother who is so dear to us.


Mr. Sunil Kumar Johar

Son of Smt. Kamla Devi Johar

story by – Mahak Goel & Aishwarya Ghosh