Late Raj Khurana

Picture of Late Shri Raj Khurana
     Late Shri Raj Khurana

A happy to go lucky man, cheerful, lively and jolly (as his wife would describe him), Mr. Raj Khurana was a man with bold yet humble personality. He did the strenuous course of radiographer from Maulana Azad Medical College and served as a radiographer in Irwin hospital. With his hard work & dedication, he got this amazing opportunity to

Picture of Mr Khurana
Late Mr Raj Khurana–a jovial Family Man
Picture of Mr Khurana's family
Late Mr Raj Khurana’s Family–wife Veena, Son Tarun and daughter in law

travel and work in Libya. He spent a peaceful  life with his supportive wife Veena. His obedient son Tarun  and caring daughter in law Jyoti were always inspired by him. Family which meant everything to him and  grandchildren Harshil and Devansh who meant the world to him.  He was the most jolly person around, who would always make others laugh.

His exhilarating story has indeed taught us that there’s no time in life for melancholy and even in times of peril one should not lose hope and be cheerful always…

When did Mr. Raj decided to donate his body?

Mrs. Veena (Wife ): My sister decided to donate her body for the cause of Humanity. I got inspired by her and signed to donate my body, though he did not agree with my decision at that time. Two years later, he also developed the inclination, that is when he decided to donate his body and filled the form.

How did the people around Him react to his decision?

Picture of Late Mr Khuranas family early days
Late Mr Raj Khurana with his family – early days

Mrs Veena (Wife ): There is a reluctance towards whole Body Donation in our community due  to a lot of taboos, myths and cultural barriers.  But as you know  he had a medical background and  he was of the opinion that he could make his death worthwhile by donating his Whole Body. Though our son was not happy but eventually he agreed to his decision. People around us were also surprised. But after his demise the entire family gave respect to his last vow. Every ritual was followed but cremation was not done and then the people from the organisation of Deh Daan Samiti facilitated his last wish.

What kind of emotional bond  did you share with him?

Mr Tarun (Son): ” He was my friend “

A father is son’s best friend… and he did not fail to let me believe this statement. That’s all I can say. The time spend with him is so remarkable that I can’t put them in words. As a father he scolded me at my wrong deeds and guided me to right path. He is the only person with whom i can share all the secrets.

Mrs Veena: बच्चों में तो जान बसती थी उनकी, इनके साथ अलग ही attachment सी थी  He always cared for them. Even when he was hospitalised  he would keep asking बच्चों ने खाना खाया कि नहीं??

Did he confront some tough times?

Mrs Veena: Our first child was born with speech and hearing disabilities, so for her better care and to seek family support we shifted from Libia back to India. It was his life changing decision then. For him बच्चों से बढ़कर कुछ नहीं था. Our grandchildren Harshil and Devansh were also equally fond of  him. He acted for them as a genie. He would fulfil all their demands and pamper them. He used to play with them, teach them, motivate them and even taught them to ride the bicycle. His relation with children was so deep that we could end up writing a book.

What are the moments that you cherish the most? What is the thing that you miss the most about him?

Picture of Late Mr Khurana with Grandchildren
Late Raj Khurana with his grandchildren on the occasion of Independence Day in 2016

Mrs Veena: Every moment we spent was special. We celebrated our children’s birthdays, our anniversary, we went to places outside India more than we have been in India. Every moment of his life that he spent, he filled a gush of happiness and liveliness in it. He is the person who has always made everyone smile even in his last days he was very cheerful and never made me feel low. He would say इतनी जल्दी तुझे छोड़ के नहीं जाऊँगा मैं

The day before he died, he gave a Chai treat to all the nurses in the hospital.

Even the neighbours say “रौनक सी चली गई इस मोहल्ले की”.

Message from Mrs.Veena:

“जीते जी तो उन्होंने बहुत लोगों क लिए बहुत काम किये,
मरने क बाद भी इतना बड़ा योगदान दे गए.

– story by Miss Srishty, Miss Meghna & Miss Tavneet